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Grape varieties: 100% Tempranillo from vineyards that have been cultivated strictly applying the European regulations on ecological cultivation
Handling of the grapes: The preventive measures against insect plagues have been carried out using sulphur and copper sulphate, without the use of any synthetic chemical products
Harvest: Manually harvested and transported in plastic crates holding 15kg of grapes each
Production: The grapes were manually selected at the grading tables and then destemmed
Fermentation: Carried out with local yeasts using the pie de cuba method in truncated cone-shaped vats made out of stainless steel for 15 days at a temperature ranging 28ºC and 30ºC
Maceration: Once the fermentation was completed, it was pumped over and shaken daily for 2 weeks together with the skin
Malolactic fermentation: The fermentation took place in the truncated cone-shaped stainless steel vats
Barrels: For the ageing process only French oak barrels were used
Ageing time in barrels: 6 months
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